Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Contrast Hillary Clinton’s path to that of Governor Palin. Hillary toes the shop-worn, tie-dyed liberal feminist line for years while constantly defending her husband who embodies the traits of the patriarchal male predator. When it is finally her turn to begin implementation of her Stalinist dreams and get into public office she makes the gutless choice of US Senator and cherry picks the state that gives her the best odds. She doesn’t have the political courage to make a decision and stick with it. Governor Palin on the other hand began her career I am sure getting up out of her folding metal chair in the midst of her middle class neighbors, speaking her mind, and winning their trust. Her rise was incremental and I get the impression required a lot of direct dealings with many of her constituents. When she finally earned the position of governor (in the HER state, not one she had picked for political expediency) she knew what was right and she did it. She would never let herself be used as a political prop for a philandering husband.


Marie's Two Cents said...

Sarah Palin has really got the Liberal's dander up big time!

This race is starting to turn quite ugly, fast.

BTW, I like your blog, mind if I link?

BB-Idaho said...

The life experiences of Palin & Clinton are quite different. But they share an ability to connect and fierce ambition....