Thursday, September 4, 2008

Things are looking up.

Sarah is outstanding. The media tried to destroy Sarah and her family and she showed them what she is made of. She showed her love of family and country and is so real, natural and articulate. It's a great ticket for us now.
Not only have both the Republicans and Conservatives fallen in love with Sarah Palin, but we are energized with the idea that the future for our point of view is suddenly much, much brighter. The libs are dying , this is NOT a "Democratic year", the Republicans and Conservatives have some new voices and new, attractive faces Steele, Jindal, Palin to name a few. Things are looking up!


Z said...

Sure ARE looking up! I'm thrilled..Oops..McC's speech is on...let me just say this quickly:

Victor, my bog's 7 months old so welcome to the new blogger's circle!

Get around and comment on blogs on my blogroll, CHuck's site's roll, etc., all the good people commenting should be read and that's how it starts. congratulations..nice writing! Thanks for coming by geeeeeZ!

Marie's Two Cents said...

Thank's for visiting my place :-)

This is outstanding!

Sarah is not going to be marred but the Left wing drive by media's attempt to smear this wonderful woman.

She's a tuff one :-)

Anonymous said...

Hang in ther Vic.
The Libs are on the run

Kris said...

i like her too. we do have fresh faces coming up the ranks...

this pic took many conservatives by surprise...can you imagine what it did to the liberals?

btw, i just started in July(or was it the end of June?)...i'm new too. it is fun, educational, and entertaining...