Thursday, February 5, 2009

Obama did not disappoint us!

No, Obama did not disappoint us! He is what we expected he was. And I doubt if he will ever CHANGE. He's a product of affirmative action / leftist ideology and has never been exposed to mainstream thought until just recently. He is not shown any inclination toward changing his core values.
I honestly think that even the Obama supporters will be disappointed.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Disrespecting Pres. Bush, Bashing Rush Limbaugh

Disrespecting Pres. Bush, Bashing Rush Limbaugh Is This The Way To Unite?
Barack Obama’s invoking the name of Rush Limbaugh is similar to the proverbial drunk 130-pound weakling who is foolish enough to challenge a room full of Hell’s Angels gang members. The results inevitably will not be pretty. Obama is an intellectual lightweight—and the famous radio talk show host is extremely knowledgeable. Limbaugh would easily humiliate the pseudo-educated Obama in a debate. The new president’s Harvard University law credentials overly impress far too many people. They fail to comprehend that they merely prove that Obama should be able to pass a State board examination. It means nothing more than that. Limbaugh has accidentally forgotten more about the current issues of the day than Obama ever learned.

I am not really sure why anyone is surprised by the attitude displayed by B Hussein O. One only has to look at both his childhood and his race to see this is very much a predictable outcome.

He will find soon this is going to cause him more problems and trouble than he will ever gain. I for one want to keep the expectations he has promised the American people front and center. The higher these are and let’s face it he has done this to himself, the greater his fall will be.

The only real question is how much his arrogance is going to cost in American lives, personal freedoms, and economic well-being